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Effective communication has 4 pillars. Each plays an important role in the holistic development and growth of a person’s communications skills. Namely, they are Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Reading can be a fun process, if we understand its importance, and actively remember a few steps to help decode it!

Reading is often considered as a boring, time consuming and slow process. There could be nothing further from the truth. Reading is to the brain, what seeds, water and soil are to garden. Reading is one of the most important and significant steps that can help us improve our vocabulary and help us appreciate different writing styles.

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Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that even though we know better, and we pick up a book regularly (or try at least!) we get a few pages in and then get distracted, and turn to the computer or your television. We end up dragging the book around for months, moving it from the coffee table to your bedside table to your briefcase, but we never seem to get around to actually reading it.

If you’re tired of this routine, there’s hope: reading is a habit you can develop and there are many ways you can turn into a bibliophile.

Make Time For It: Even if you can only devote 15 minutes for reading— the time it takes you to commute to work— do put it in your schedule. By doing so you assign a sense of importance to it, and this will ensure that you treat reading with respect rather than ignoring it.

Don’t read interesting books: You read that right!! Most books that we know as interesting, are recommendations from either people who don’t know us and our interests or are people who don’t know or understand the book itself. What we should try is to first know and identify our own likes, dislikes and interests. Based on that, we need to find books and genres that can capture our imagination.

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Carry books everywhere you go: Add an extra item in your doorstep checklist; keys, phone, wallet, book. Carrying a book with you at all times is a great trick to start reading more habitually.You will find that there are a lot of times where you can read a chapter or two, such as instead of staring at your computer screen or checking your email for the 15th time.

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Leave it if you don’t enjoy it: Reading is meant to be an enjoyable, eye-opening experience. If you find yourself stressing out (or yawning!) over a difficult or boring book, do give it a try for a few more pages but give up if it ends up frustrating you.

In our pursuit of good communication skills, we end up concentrating on writing or speaking a lot more than the other 2 pillars. It is absolutely true to say that grammar is very important. The rules are integral to communicating effectively all the information we want to convey and share! Yet, we are not able to capitalise on Listening and Reading, since we imagine that our OUTPUT should be better than our INPUT.

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Remember, reading is not just an added activity to help pass our time but is in fact ONE OF THE BUILDING BLOCKS of English communication. For more such tips, tricks, advice and ideas, keep checking this space and subscribe to our blog and our Youtube page!

Become Speaker in 50 Days

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