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Mr. Rocky Saggoo

Co-founder, CEO, Public Speaking Leader

An internationally certified public speaking and image enhancement coach, Rocky Saggoo is the co-founder and CEO of Pep Talk India. A cogent conversationalist and a master debater, Rocky Saggoo began his professional journey in the field of marketing, sales, media and advertising. After a successful career stint as a marketing consultant, his experiences led him to the field of public speaking and personality development.

In the highly competitive world of today, effective communication and public speaking skills are a must-have for both personal and professional success. To truly become a global leader, it is essential to be skilled at the art of public speaking.
With a vision to help the youth realize their dreams and aspirations, Rocky Saggoo started Pep Talk India under the aegis of his late father and mentor JS AnandRahi in 2008.
Till date, he has trained and transformed the lives of thousands of people, which include the who’s who of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and political leaders, MBA/Civil Services aspirants, school and college-going students, small-and-medium business owners and homemakers. He has also conducted self-improvement training, coaching sessions and counseling for many MDs, VPs and high net worth individuals (HNIs). Today, his personality and unconventional teaching pedagogy had made him the most sought-after public speaking trainer who stands heads and shoulders above his industry peers.


Rocky Saggoo views a person not as just another proverbial individual, but a personality built around his or her own quintessential emotions and experiences. As someone who considers himself a free soul exploring the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer, it was a moment of epiphany for him when he conquered his fear of skydiving.
With his mantra ‘to heal it, you gotta feel it, be it pain or fear’, Rocky Saggoo envisioned how different people require different methods of learning and the dire need of evolving the conventional training pedagogy. Thus was born the unique concept of a ‘Pep Talker’- a dynamic personality equipped with exceptional communications skills and immense creative energy.

Today, Pep Talkers are synonymous as driven individuals who are shaping the future of tomorrow and conquering the world with their ideas. Success stories are aplenty at Pep Talk India, but Rocky Saggoo is not done with his mission yet. He believes India will truly become a global powerhouse only when the unrealized potential of the boundless talent in the country becomes a force to reckon with.


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