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Super Human Skills Online

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Pep Talk Skills

Super Human Skills Online

Public Speaking

Create an amazing influence on the stage and screen with artistic public speaking


Learn the art of giving effective presentation and present your best self

Communication Skills

Learn the art of effective communication for every occasion

Personality Development

Transform your personality with some powerful growth hacks

About the Course

Your communication style is your identity, A confident presence speaks louder than your words! Join this interactive public speaking online course from Pep Talk India with ‘Digital Edge’. Learn to master the art of effective communication and present your best self to create a charismatic influence Build remarkable Public Speaking confidence and wisdom with novel strategies.

Communication Skills

⏣  Create big impact with small talk

⏣  Master Listening skills & conversation openers

⏣  Digital communication tools & techniques

⏣  Fluid vocabulary for better fluency

Public Speaking Skills

⏣  Understand your audience

⏣  Build unbeatable self-confidence

⏣  Speak boldly in front of camera

⏣  Top secrets of successful pubic speakers

Digital Presentation Skills

⏣  Develop skills for virtual meetings

⏣  Master presentation with super ease

⏣  Set the tone right in online presentations 

⏣  Connect & use PPT tools effectively 

Personality Boost

⏣  Master your body language

⏣  Know your personal strengths

⏣  Transform your self-image

⏣  Improve interpersonal skills

This enriching course is going to create a life-changing experience for the participants. The online course is invaluable for those struggling with public speaking fear and for those who want to maximise their impact when it comes digital communication.

Super HUman Skills Course


Public Speaking


Course Format

Super Human Skills Online Course

Online Course

  • Duration
    1.5 Months
  • Sessions
    2-3 Hours
  • Course Format

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