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Your personality is your identity, your brand, and your business. Your first impression is a long lasting impression so make it unique and charismatic. A confident presence speaks louder than your words!
Join the most cutting-edge personality transformation movement from Pep Talk India with ‘Person to Personality’. Shed your mediocrity and experience an astounding journey of personal discovery as we shape you into a global leader of tomorrow!

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High impact presentation

Learn to master presentation skills like a pro to create charismatic influence

Freestyle Public Speaking

Build remarkable Public Speaking confidence and wisdom with novel strategies

Developing Personal Value

Transform yourself into an amazing personality with effective self-image management

SUper Human Skills

Create the ultimate personal self-development matrix with some powerful growth hacks


  • >>  How to make small talk
  • >>  Science behind the language learning
  • >>  Speak with clarity and power
  • >>  Types and purpose of conversations
  • >>  Conversation secret that moves lives
  • >>  How to get your message across
  • >>  Master Subject-based conversation
  • >>  Organise, rephrase and paraphrase your talk
  • >>  Conversation openers and happy closure techniques
  • >>  Vocabulary that impresses friends and foes
  • >>  Effective talk in an office meeting
  • >>  All form of Talks in professional settings
  • >>  Master Listening Skills to influence
  • >>  Become Pronunciation Pro


  • >>  Present like a Pro
  • >>  Use structured communication to gain the confidence of audience
  • >>  Develop Showmanship
  • >>  Demonstrate objectively while presenting different situations
  • >>  Sell your ideas with clarity & force
  • >>  Become spontaneous PPT Presenter
  • >>  Learn to use Presentation tools & technology effectively
  • >>  Set the tone right in group presentation
  • >>  Use 3 methods of great presenters
  • >>  Bring emotion in action


  • >>  Lost art of public speaking
  • >>  Inspire and motivate others
  • >>  Build unshakeable self-confidence
  • >>  Using mic, podium and stage space effectively
  • >>  10 methods of successful pubic speakers
  • >>  Press and Interviews
  • >>  Memorise and deliver long speeches like key-note
  • >>  Get rid of public speaking fear, hesitation and anxiety
  • >>  Understand your audience type and ways to manage them
  • >>  Speaking in front of seniors and total strangers


  • >>  Know your personality type
  • >>  Non-verbal clues and cues
  • >>  Meeting-101 in public places
  • >>  Voice modulation and intonation
  • >>  Social Etiquette and manners
  • >>  Practice Leadership and work ethics
  • >>  Negotiate like a pro
  • >>  Anger channelisation
  • >>  Study the body language of Leaders
  • >>  Improve decision making
  • >>  Writing effective content
  • >>  Practice Digital communication in action


  • >>  Practice humour and stage performance
  • >>  Become an enthusiastic debater
  • >>  Practice 9 principles of good human relation
  • >>  How to become the best version of yourself
  • >>  Become modern day  storyteller
  • >>  Master impromptu speaking skills
  • >>  Develop ethos, pathos, and logos – the mantra of effective communication
  • >>  Establish a problem-solving attitude
  • >>  Improve self-confidence, Self-belief, & self-value


  • >>  The untitled leadership practices
  • >>  Make connection and promote yourself
  • >>  Establish long lasting first impression
  • >>  Unfold Power of Human brain
  • >>  Learn 8th wonder of the world to be  wealthy and successful
  • >>  Become achiever at any age
  • >>  Create and retain your Brand Value
  • >>  Get promoted in company & gain professional growth
  • >>  Improve self-confidence & Self worth

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Anuj Gupta

Software Developer
Florida, USA

Dr. Shivani

Etiquette Coach & Image Consultant

Bhavya Gamta

Fitness Coach & Nutrition Consultant

Surendra Bansal


Their trust and testimony inspire us to refine and reinvent our training culture even further.


Super Human Skills

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    100 Hours
  • Class Duration
    2-3 Hours
  • Class Schedule

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