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Conversation among two friends about Politics


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Rajat: Hey man, long time no see.

Nitin: Yeah. It’s been really long that we have met.

Rajat: You told me that you were taking classes from Pep Talk. How has been your experience?

Nitin: My experience has been very enriching so far and I am learning a lot through this wonderful platform.

Rajat: So how’s everything at your end? What’s your take on present government’s policy decisions?

Nitin: It has been really tough coping with the current government’s decision of Demonetization; I hardly had any money last December. It was quite difficult to manage day-to-day domestic chores at home with limited cash in hand. Frankly speaking, I am extremely repulsed by the decision.

Rajat: I completely agree with you. Moreover, standing in those serpentine queues outside the banks was real arduous challenge. The current political dispensation has failed to deliver on its promises. I can still recall the nightmarish experience I had to face.

Nitin: You’re absolutely right. Even though I don’t appreciate this step of the government and the way it was executed, I still like to repose faith in current regime’s intent to curb black money.

Rajat: I disagree with you, I think some of the political parties are quite transparent in their dealings.

Nitin: Are you off your rocker? Do you really support these political parties? They are good at charades and gimmicks.

Rajat: Delhi’s Odd-Even Policy has proved to be very successful. The pollution levels were significantly low during that period.

Nitin: The scheme was indeed good and had many positive features, however government requires to devise another policy to tackle pollution in the national capital.

Rajat: You may be right but Delhi government is far better than Central Government in almost every aspect.

Nitin: I am sorry, I strongly disagree. Comparing these two governments would not be ethically correct. They have taken some good decisions in their respective domains.

Rajat: The demonetization decision has completely taken away the cash from the economy. In my opinion UPA government was far better than the current government.

Nitin: The leaders of present government fare well when it comes to public speaking. Instead of sitting on the fence they have constantly communicate with public at large. The prime Minister goes the whole nine yards to fulfill his duties.

Rajat: I would rather say that the demonetization decision was taken at the drop of a hat and will prove to be detrimental for the economy in long run.

Nitin: I bet that all the decisions by the Government will yield fruitful results.

Rajat: We’ll see to that.

Nitin: Well, we can agree to disagree. Bye.

Rajat: (laughs) See you around.



Serpentine: Having many bends and turns (Adjective)

Arduous: very difficult

Political dispensation: political system at a particular time

Off your rocker: Being crazy

Sit on the fence: Avoid making a decision or choice

Whole nine yards: Everything, All of it, everything as far as possible

At the drop of a hat: Without any hesitation, instantly


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