The 7 Deadly Don’ts of English Speaking

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There are articles and blog posts aplenty on the best tips and advice to master the art of English speaking. While the ‘dos’ are something that people follow diligently, there is a list of don’ts that you must be aware of while conversing in English. A wrong gesture, improper body language and simply not being aware of how to go about an English conversation is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. While we have covered the more grammar-focused 10 Common English Speaking Mistakes earlier, there are some deadly don’ts you should strictly avoid in order to become a better English conversationalist.

7. Be Boastful


Nothing can turn off a person more than hearing you brag about your latest expensive acquisition, or gloating about tales of achievement at your job and how super-capable you are of handling everything. Be humble, always. Modesty will take you a long way in your career and being boastful will do the exact opposite.

6. Be a Know-it-all

Know it all

Yes, we understand that you are well-read and probably have more knowledge than the average person. But conversing with people with the mindset that ‘I know more than you’ will make you a pretty unlikable person. Why even talk to others when you already know everything?

5. Give Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited advice

Your intentions may be good and you may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of the other person, but it is strongly advised to mind your own business unless someone specifically asks for your inputs. Telling people ‘how to reduce weight’ or suggesting a particular cream to avoid wrinkles will only end up offending them, even if it might be highly beneficial for them.

4. Steal Someone’s Thunder

Steal someone's thunder

A coworker could have achieved something or been deservedly awarded after toiling for months, and he or she might be excitedly telling other willing listeners about the same. But you butt in, and regale those listeners with your own similar experiences. This is extremely reprehensible and could also indicate that you are subtly implying that you are better than your coworker. DO NOT steal someone else’s thunder. Only insecure people do that.

3. Interrupt and Contradict

Interrupt and contradict

When someone is talking to you, have the decency of letting them finish their sentence. Interrupting the other person in the midst of a conversation is one of the rudest things ever, and no one would ever want to talk to you if this is a habit. Also, do not contradict everything the other person says, it just isn’t respectful. Try to reach some common ground in a polite manner.

2. Poke and Pry

Poke and pry

Asking questions is fine, as long as you don’t venture into personal territory. Poking people incessantly and trying to figure out what’s going on with their life is the hallmark of an annoying nosey-parker. The person could be dealing with sensitive issues in his/her life and would appreciate a lot if you just steered clear from getting into any of that stuff.

1. Monopolize the Conversation

Monopolize conversation

Do you feel delighted hearing yourself speak? Well, good for you. But don’t ever make that a highlight of any English conversation that you have. Do not ramble on and on if people are clearly not interested in the subject, and do not keep stressing your point if the conversation has already moved on. You don’t want to come across as a wannabe Arnab Goswami going about his monologues, right?


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