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The Great Gama also known as Gama Pehalwan  was born in India on 22nd May, 1878. The Great Gama remained undefeated in his wrestling career for more than 50 years. Now , there were two incidents which brought The Great Gama into the lime light . First , when Gama was just  17 and 5 feet 7 inches tall , he challenged the then Indian wresting champion Raheem Bakhsh Sultaniwala. Intriguingly, Raheem Bkahsh was 7 feet tall and Gama was only 5’7”. Apparently, Raheem was expected to defeat Gama easily.  But, to everyone’s surprise the match ended in draw. My god! The Match ended in draw. This match earned Gama great popularity. After some years Gamaa finally defeated  Raheem Bakhsh in a re-match .

Now in the second incident; it is said that The Great Gama lifted 1200 kgs of stone. Are you kidding me; 1200 kgs of stone ! Yes, he did. And this left the audience of Baroda gasping. This stone is now preserved in the Baroda museum, as reported by the Times of India.

Now, after defeating all the great wrestlers of India, The Great Gama sailed to England  but couldn’t gain an instant entry because of his lower height. Finally, Gama challenged that he could throw any wrestler of any weight class in just  13 minutes. The challenge was accepted by American wrestling champion Benjamin Roller .

And the great Gama threw him 13 times in the 15 minutes match . O gama you beauty ! You threw American wrestling champion 13 times in a 15 minutes match. Amazing ! Amazing !

After  defeating Benjamin Roller , Gama defeated French champion , European Champion and other champion wrestlers .

Such was the terror of Gama that all the champion wrestlers refused to accept his challenge because they were afraid . Really afraid . The Great Gama offered to fight 20 wrestlers , one after another , still no one took up his challenge . This is just amazing . Then came the Great Gama’s three matches with the world’s champion Stanislaus Zbyszko .

First match was a draw . In second match Zbyszko didn’t turn up . In third match Great Gama threw world champion Zbyszko in just 42 seconds . World champion was thrown in just 42 seconds by the Great Gama .Oh my goodness ! Can you believe it , in 42 seconds only , Gama you beauty !

Henceforth , no one ever showed the guts to face The Great Gama . Let’s give this crazy son of God , a big round of applause .

Now here , we can learn the three things from the greatest wrestler of all time . I am talking about CCD. First C is for consistency, The Great Gama was consistent  with his diet and exercise. He used to do 5000 squats. Yes you heard me right 5000 squats and 3000 push ups everyday. His diet included 10 litres of milk , 6 desi chickens and a pound and a half of crushed almond  paste into a topic drink . Yes he was very consistent with that . Now, the second C is courage. It required courage to challenge, to fight and to defeat all great wrestlers  of  the world. Third D is Determination. You can’t achieve all this if you are not determined . Gama has rock solid determination and that’s why he was able to achieve such miles stones . We need all CCD friends to succeed .

We all need consistency , courage and rock hard determination like The Great Gama to achieve the unachievable , to achieve the impossible , to reach the unreachable . Such was the greatness of Gama that even Bruce lee took inspiration from him . Amazing .

This short biography of Gama tells us that any thing is possible , any God damn thing is possible. I, Rocky Saggoo  , we Pep Talkers  salute this great man . You are a real superhuman – The Great Gama. Hats off to you!

Gama , Gama , Gama ……..

Become Habitually Successful
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