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Do you wish to woo people with your brilliant communication skills? If your answer is, Yes….follow this: start working on your vocabulary.

Vocabulary actually stands as one of the strongest pillars to help alleviate your communication skills. At the same time, we rightly acknowledge the fact that “it’s always easier said than done.” In the extremely engaging routine today, it’s close to impossible to buy out time things for such things. So, here we have for you some really easy steps that you can follow every day to work out your vocabulary:

  1. READ……READ…….READ….- Reading actually opens for you the door to a new and current vocabulary which is trending. Moreover, reading is always fun. you don’t get bored and it helps you to increase your knowledge bank.
  2. RELEVANCE- Let’s first of all break this myth that apparently complex words are the mark of good vocabulary. The more complex the word is, the more difficult it gets to remember and use it. So, when you are jotting words….. Prefer relatively relevant words…… which can be associated with your respective trade or business so that you can explore better opportunities to use and memorize those words.

3.MNEMONICS: These can be very beneficial when it comes to retaining words, which is a big problem for most of the language learners. Sometimes the spelling, sometimes the pronunciation or the meanings and this does take a toll on your memory. You can actually break long words into syllables and add a meaning to individual syllables which would help you to crack the word better.For example- abase=a+base which can be interpreted someone to the base level.(insulting).

  1. PRACTICE: You need to invest time with the words and also give you a brain exercise. Solving riddles or puzzles based on vocabulary and solving crosswords can prove quite effective
  2. PLAN YOUR TARGETS: Set an everyday target of one to two words and, make it compulsory to learn them completely.  This can be rightly ensured if you are capable of using the words independently (all by yourself in your personal conversations.
Everyday english in 50 days

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