Top Phrases and Terms For a Winning Sales Strategy

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For any company – from startups to multinationals, the most important aspect is sales. A company offers either a product or a service for its prospective customers and it becomes imperative to bridge the gap between needs and the product/service on offer in the most impactful and effective manner.

Salespeople have a monumental task at hand. They have to make the consumer aware of their needs, dispense the necessary information to make their product or service the most attractive, and ultimately close the deal, thus directly driving up the revenues of their company.

How to increase your sales?
Here are the best tips for your strategy to boost sales.

What are the important phrases and terms that will help boost your sales?

Here are the five most useful ones:

  1. The best decision you’ve ever made: The customer is the decision-maker. If you can analyze whether he or she has done their research and looked at most of the products in the market, then you can assure them that buying your product/service is the best decision they can make. This will act as a positive reinforcement for them and make them feel good about buying your goods.
  2. Go for the bundled package: The one thing that customers love the most is to get a whole lot of goodies in a bundled package, at a reduced cost than the total. If you are offering products online, then it is a great strategy to drive more sales, because consumers love to click buttons and add to their carts. This can also work with offline products if the value of the additional product is attractive enough.
  3. Highest-quality premium product: For customers, brand and a sense of exclusivity matters the most. A brand that is available only to select customers or has a sense of elitism involved with it e.g. Apple’s iPhone X, will the one that registers the highest sales. For this, you need to ensure that your product or service is actually the highest-quality premium product and then make your pitch in the same manner. Do not be disheartened by non-buyers. The more people don’t buy your product, the greater will be the mouth-of-word associated with its elitism. Also, do not offer any sort of discount for services, because that can greatly diminish its value in the market.
  4. We offer 24/7 customer support: It rarely happens in life that a customer does not become disillusioned with a particular product and service. For example, a technical defect in a product that needs urgent repair or internet services with a lot of downtime. If you set up a solid customer support network with 24×7 support availability, it becomes a huge factor in the sales of your business. There is nothing more a customer despises than time being wasted. Wastage of time = opportunities lost.
  5. Make your life easier: Life is surely hectic in the fast-paced, competitive world of today. There is a severe paucity of time experienced by most working professionals. Any solution, product, or service offered must necessarily improve the quality of life, as well as save time and money for the consumer, who usually happens to be a part of the youth workforce. If you can effortlessly pitch your product/service a something that can add immense value to the consumer’s life, then you have a sureshot winner on hand.

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