Everyday english in 50 days
  • Would is most commonly used to create conditional verb forms.It also serves the past form of the verb “will”.
  • Would can also indicate repetition in the past.
  • Would is also used as a modal verb to indicate a conditional or subjunctive mood,or to “soften”what is being said.
Here are a few examples of the use of “would” and “would have”.
  1. If he had been an actor, he would have been in adventure movies. (Conditional)
  2. I knew that she would be very successful in her career. (Past of will)
  3. When they first met, they would always have picnics on the beach.(Repetition)
  4. If I had worn woolen clothes.I wouldn’t have suffered from fever(Conditional)
  5. If she had studied hard, she would have scored good marks in her exam.(Conditional)
  6. She told me he would be here before 8 pm.(past of will)
  7. I said I wouldn’t help you.(past of will)
  8. When he was young he would always do his homework.
  9. I would like to see that movie(Subjunctive)

I hope this article has helped you to understand the use of would and would have.


Stay tuned for more!

Everyday english in 50 days
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