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Have you ever wondered, your professional impression can be at stake just by handing your resume to the interviewer? Your resume is your first impression in the eyes of recruiters & interviewers. If it is poorly drafted or consists copied cliche from others resume/cv, you might struggle with getting personal interview calls every now and then. 

As per linked In sources: There are a bunch of words you should not use anymore in your CV/resume because these words have been overly used by Jobseekers(professional as well as freshers) hence, these words no longer impress the interviewer. it sounds a pure cliche and ends up fetching you disgrace in the form of being the one from the crowd.

Most certainly, nobody wants to have a poor impression of once’s attributes not just in correspondence but also in the first meeting with the potential employers. Here I bring the list of top 75 words, you can employ in your resume in lieu of basic words, cliches, and casual phrases!

 If your job includes any form of communication or administration you can revamp your resume using these attention-grabbing words.

1. Briefed/Informed/Conveyed

2. Persuaded/Advised/Convinced

3. Illustrated/Demonstrated/Represented 

4. Critiqued/Arbitrated/reinforced

5. Documented/Composed/Edited 

6. Corresponded/consulted/Deliberated



If your roles and responsibility lie under Management, try exchanging the buzz words with these treasures.

1. Directed/Aligned/Chaired

2. Facilitated/Guided/Coordinated

3. Fostered/Cultivated/Produced 

4. Inspired/Motivated/Mentored

5. Recruited/Hired/Negotiated

6. Regulated/Operated/Executed

7. Shaped/Unified/Consolidated 

8. Headed/Controlled/Oversaw

9. Orchestrated/Organised/Supervised

10. Planned/Programmed/Mobilised 

Now, after communication at the level of administration, and management, there is third big head in the work type you call it technical or operational. So here is the helping hand to reinvent your resume with these words:

1. Audited/Evaluated/Assessed

2. Calculated/Examined/Investigated

3. Discovered/Analysed/Explored

 4. Forecasted/anticipated/Scrutinised

5. Identified/Tracked/Assembled

6. Interpreted/Quantified/Qualified

7. Mapped/Measured/Surveyed

These Slashed/ items are not the synonyms but they are mentioned for the purpose to have the right choice of words while observing the nature of the work you do.

One last thing, the probability of getting the interview calls rises up to 50% if you utilize these words properly in the resume-drafting. Well, Go ahead and employ this list of business vocabulary to Increase the chances of selection in the personal interview.

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Good Luck!

Khushi Singh



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