Useful English Conversation Phrases To Use at a Party

Attending parties is a lot of fun. You get to catch up with old friends, make new buddies and have a great time together. Social engagement through parties can also help you break the ice with office colleagues, freshers at colleges, and prospective clients, thus helping contribute to a congenial and conducive atmosphere. If you are an extrovert, you will have no problem making yourself comfortable at any party. Here are some useful English conversation phrases to make you a pro at any party!

    1. How to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself

This is the most crucial aspect of any party you attend. If you see an entire crowd of unfamiliar faces, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but look at the silver lining. You will have opportunities to make new friends, in addition to practicing your English conversation:

  • Hi, I am Rohan. Nice to meet you.
  • Hi, I don’t think we have met. I am Rohan.
  • Hi, how do you know Shikha? (Shikha is the host of the party)
  • Hey, where do work? Do you live in the city?

2. How to introduce someone else

How to introduce someone

When your friend, relative, or colleague accompanies you, then the following conversation phrases are suitable.

  • Hi, this is my friend/roommate/colleague/hubby Vivek.
  • Hi, I guess you guys have met/spoken earlier. This is Vivek.
  • Hey, remember that guy I was talking about the other day? He is the one, Vivek.
  • This is my partner-in-crime, Vivek.

3. How to talk about a topic at a party

How to talk about a topic

Talk about anything- weather, sports, movies, technology, job, education, health, environment etc. It is strongly recommended to avoid political and religious topics because people can usually have starkly different views, which may result in some serious arguments and unnecessary animosity.

  • Hey, I saw you talking about….(any topic) I am Rohan.
  • The weather is really warm today. I prefer the winters.
  • Damn it is freezing today! You good?
  • Whoa, did you hear the latest in (any topic)
  • Did you watch Avengers? It was superb!
  • I recently did a re-run of FRIENDS yet again. Isn’t Chandler absolutely the best?

4. Familiarize, then ask personal questions


Ask personal questions with care

One should tread lightly around the personal life of an individual, and at a party, you should ask personal questions only after both of you have attained a certain degree of comfort while chatting to each other. Once you feel that the other person is okay discussing his/her personal life, you can share your own stories, which will provide a subtle hint to them to narrate their own. Here are some personal questions that are safe to ask:

  • How was your day?
  • Work is really stressed out these days. How is it at your company?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What do you usually do on the weekend?
  • Planning any trip for the upcoming holidays?
  • I really like this music. What are your favorite genres?
  • Do you like pets? I love cats! 

    5. How to end a conversation

    How to end a conversation
    Every party and every conversation has to come to an end. You should be able to maintain dignity and politeness even if the other person makes you uncomfortable.

  • It’s been nice talking to you.
  • It was great catching up with you! (If you are meeting an old friend or colleague)
  • Have a safe trip! It was amazing meeting you.
  • I really need to leave now. Hope to meet you soon!
  • I am glad we ran into each other. It has been wonderful talking to you!
  • I would like to stay in touch. Can I have your number?

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