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Few important vocabulary with examples-

  • Fillip (noun) – stimulus, boost, encouragement, incentive, impetus, motivation;tonic, uplift, spur, goad, prod, push, prompt.

Example- The news gave a fillip to the telecommunications sector

  • Articulate (verb) – express, communicate, state, make public, announce.

Example- He was very articulate about his feelings on the subject.

  • Scuttle (verb) – destroy, scrap, make something fail; make something to fail intentionally.

Example- Such threats could scuttle the peace conference.

  • Resilience (noun)­ ability to bounce back, strength, flexibility; ability to recover from a tough time.

Example- The earthquake destroyed thousands of people’s lives, but I was struck by the incredible resilience of the survivors I met.

  • Innate (adjective) – inherent, intrinsic, natural, inborn; chronic, congenital.

Example- We all generally have an innate power to distinguish good from evil.

  • Heed (verb) – pay attention to, take notice of, notice, take into account.

Example-When you are worried about something, you simply need to heed your inner voice and let it guide you.

  • Portent (verb) – sign, indication, forecast, prediction.

Example- I was not happy when the psychic told me the black cat represented a portent of bad luck.

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