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Khushi Singh, Trainer, Public Speaker, Pep Talk IndiaGoogle defines pep talk something like this: a talk intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic.

However, it means more than could ever be defined.

For me, Pep talk is the idea which one delivers in concise yet compelling to motivate or inspire someone on something.

It is when you are all broken and smashed by the circumstances and ready to throw in the towel,  in the very moment what all you need is a Pep Talk to lift you up.

It is when you are going for the most important test of your career or life but,  you are panicked and over conscious at that moment what all can make you confident and calm is that one Pep Talk to develop trust in yourself.

It is when the generation becomes prejudice and closes the doors of hope and change, yes at that moment the generation needs a pep talk to be open for change and embrace the revolution.

It is when you forget the difference between following your dream and giving in to the requirement, in that crucial moment you need a pep talk to pull you on the track.

It is when a team’s performance goes down after losing several matches and being reluctant to show enthusiasm, just before the game what all this team needs is a great pep talk to win over the cynicism and the game.

If you see through, you can always recall that moment of your life when you needed a powerful Pep Talk.

Think of that moment when you decided to fight and bounce back, wasn’t it a pep talk from the people who believed in you.it could be anybody, your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, relative, teacher, guru, and even yourself.

If  I recall, I found a numerous time when KHUSHI was about to give up on her dreams and to the monstrous situation, but she also remembers that one person whose pep talk pulled her up and reminded to love that beautiful and wild dream-  ‘The future.’

We all go through bad times in our life when we feel gloomy, so make sure, you are there to give that precisely constructed pep talk.

“Don’t just give a piece of advice, give Pep talk to lift one up.”

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