Why do Indians have Hindi tone in English speaking, can’t we improve our accent?

First of all, it is easy to understand why Indians do not speak in neutral English accent. As native English speakers do not speak neutral Hindi accent and Americans don’t speak in real English accent.

The mother tongue of the one is the influential factor in the articulation of the words. One starts learning to pronounce the terms since the first word one utter, and from there only mouth muscles get used to rolling and work in the way that language is supposed to be pronounced and dictated. When one is used to speaking in one language, and practices speaking English as a second language, there will certainly be the influence of one’s native language. Having said that, one can always get rid of MTI in English, if one consciously put an effort for. you can watch pronunciation improvement videos, watch TV series like one of my favorites ‘FRIENDS‘ and talk to the natives whenever you get a chance.

We at PEP TALK INDIA helped many people improving their pronunciation and still doing so. We believe in making you comfortable in your own shoes by helping you speak and pronounce correct English instead of pitching you towards any accent and you can surely improve your pronunciation, not accent without living in any specific state or country. It will take  some time to understand the importance of neutral over native accent in India so by the time I would suggest you get knowledge and information from the people using subtitle as most of the non-native English speakers watch and enjoy Hollywood movies. 😉

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