Why English, Public Speaking and Pep Talk

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Why English, Public Speaking and Pep Talk 

Hey there, the whole idea behind this differently kept statements is not to tell you something, which you do not know but to aware you with the fact that up to what extent, English and Public Speaking affect your career and life as individual or society as a whole.I want you to read, understand, think and then connect!

Why it is extensively important to learn and speak Fluent English

Has it ever happened to you? 

Having an excellent idea in your head, you are mumchance in the meeting room because you do not want to sound pitiful by speaking in broken English or wrong English.

Alternatively, you are attending a social gathering, there your friends introduce you to a bunch of blonde chicks, who speak fluent and chic English and you feel anxious.

Or you are an outstanding performer in your company, and despite all your diligent and overtime, somebody else gets promoted because he/she can communicate with the clients fluently in English.

[Note- just to clarify my words, as I am pitching to the importance of English language does not mean I am dimming or ignoring the importance of others languages.

Now, to bore you a bit, let me refer sources which say- the history of the British empire has added to English and today, about 2 billion people in the world use English to communicate on a regular basis.Many a world’s top films, books and music and art are published and produced in English so, even to access the masterpiece of entertainment you need to have command upon English.

Fellow readers, I do not think, I need to state any more data to show you the mirror or forget everything you read by now, hold your breath for a sec and peep in your past.

If you were the fluent English speaker in this emerging global economy, wouldn’t you have availed all those opportunities which knocked at your door and you missed them because of communication inefficiency more than your talent?

Or if you are already proficient in English speaking, tell the truth to yourself. Haven’t you enjoyed the perks of it in the social and professional life?

You are aware of the dominance of English language in your career and social life.So now it’s your call, whether to whine about it throughout your life or join an institute, PEP TALK which helps you speak better and efficient English in this competitive era without making it a headache for you.

Why public speaking

Every second person next to you share the fear of public speaking. It is not new, a survey report- “people are more afraid of public speaking than death.” Yeah! I too had the same expression what you just made right now, when I read it the first time. I know, it sounds funny and untrue, but it is the truth that human starts developing a fear of public speaking( glossophobia) at the tender age of 13.

Do you also get cold feet while asking for the salary hike or raising a glass for toast on your best friend’s marriage? I won’t take you to any other flashback rather ill get you to some statements made by significant survivors in business and individual contributors, here.

Most of the history makers and great leaders had one thing in common- they all were excellent in public speaking and influencing the people by their words too. Since 3rd B.C. or even before, from Aristotle (the intellect) to Chanakya (the king maker); from Martin Luther King Jr.(social activist) to Mahatma Gandhi(freedom fighter); from Steve jobs to Opera Winfrey and even Dhirubhai Ambani ( the great industrialist ) had the art of convincing people with their Pep Talk. If you are dreamy or you are already chasing your goals, do ask yourself a question that you are completely weaponed for your journey of earnings. Have you honed up your public speaking art? If not yet join public speaking Institute( Pep Talk) before you give in on your dreams.

 Pep Talk India 

After spending a quite lazy day, I was tossing and turning in my bed. So in a whip, I switched on the tv and happened to watch the ocean-hiped commercial on how to be the confident English speaker.

Where they tried to pull all the strings of emotions to volumise their sale. For instance: I got a new project from foreign clients by learning English with the help of this product.

I finally got respect in my high profile in-laws house by speaking fluent English with the support of this product and number goes on…

I must tell you, ( for such product India is a huge marketplace because people in India actually get connected by such emotional appeal as we Indians live and endorse social life than individual).people spend some thousands on it concluding penny for a big solution.

Dear fellow readers, not just these types of commercials but also some books and apps claim to teach you English speaking in 30 days.Influenced by such advertisements, some institute also offers you such deals.

Beware! This is called contradictory statement which is actually hypocrisy. On the one hand, they ballyhoo- conversing fluently and confidently in  English is not a child’s play and the other hand, they proclaim to teach in just a month by providing school like learning.

Is it really possible to speak English fluently in such a way? Come-on, stress up your mind think about it.

For you information, most of the English speaking institute still follow conventional way of teaching which makes you bore to death resultantly; you start losing interest towards learning English and public speaking.

You know why pep talk is being popular and liked among aspirants and professionals is because of the approach we have towards learning English and public speaking or better to say empowering you to be better pep talkers.

Pep talk provides you, the engaging yet fun way to be the better public speaker. Pep Talkers love three things- English, Public Speaking and meeting people like you( as you are persistently reading this blog which says you have the desire to learn and grow).

Pep Talk has solution for almost everything related to public speaking either it is your temporary fear of speaking your heart publically or your much thought need and desire to speak English fluently( but not just in a month or a magic ;-))

See, you have got so engrossed in finding you solution that you forgot that now it’s time to act upon.

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