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  1. Amiable: This word is used for someone who friendly and warm-hearted.

Example: I love taking to her because she is amiable.

  1. SYMPATHETIC: This is used for someone who understands and cares about other people’s problem.

Example: John has sympathetic nature and that’s why he is liked by most of his chums.

  1. OBSERVANT: This is used for people who are good at noticing things around them.

Example: I stay cautious around my mother-in-law as she is quite observant about the things around her.

  1. QUICK-WITTED: This word is used for those who can think quickly and intelligently.

Example: For this project, we only need quick-witted people.

  1. KOOKY: This is a word used for something strange or eccentric.

Example: I like kooky Hollywood movies.

  1. HILARIOUS: This word is used for something very funny.

Example: I must say that movie was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  1. LANKY: This word is used for a person who is ungracefully thin and tall.

Example: A lanky man lifted 100 kg which was shocking for people who saw him.

  1. BEEFY: This word is used for muscular and robust things.

Example: I am huge fan of his beefy shoulders.

  1. VAIN: This word is used for something worthless.

Example: She kept praising her vain efforts.

  1. PLUMP: This word is used for chubby or fat people.

Example: A child fell from the swing due to his plump physique.

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