Public Speaking Dynamics Workshop​


3 Day Revolutionary Public Speaking Formula​

Training Ethos

  • > Identify reasons for Public speaking failure and ways to tackle it
  • > Plan prepare and deliver presentations and speeches
  • > Build confidence and get rid of stage fright
  • > Create a positive and convincing first impression
  • > Develop an authentic public speaking style
  • > Sell your ideas and inspire others


Skyrocket your life, career & communication

With dynamic public speaking

About the workshop

A 3 Day workshop for the seekers of glory and leadership, and those eager to completely transform their communication and master the art of public speaking.

Public Speaking Art made simple & stylish

Module 1-
Public speaking Disaster-management

  • > 10 winning point of every public speaker
  • > Memorizing a big speech
  • > Develop showmanship and credibility
  • > Recipe to perform & thrive at every big event

Module 2-
The people skills

  • > Learn the Principle of good human relation
  • > Identify your audience type and improvise your content
  • > Create rapport with your listeners
  • > Tackle tough people in the audience

Module 3-
Presentation skills

  • > Best tools for presentation delivery
  • > Plan, organize, facilitate and present
  • > How not to kill PPT Presentations
  • > Establishing relation through demonstration

Module 4-
Learn the language of successful communication

  • > Handling Q & A smartly
  • > Art of small talk before a big presentation
  • > Build trust with Ancient form of communication
  • > Communicate ideas with clarity and needed enthusiasm

Module 5-
Creating authentic public speaking content

  • > Ways to master spontaneity
  • > Researching and designing public speaking content
  • > Writing stories and speeches
  • > Taking feedback and managing critic

Module 6-
Overcoming the stage fear

  • > Identify reasons for Public speaking fear
  • > Develop self-confidence and self-worth
  • > Control anxiety and manage hesitation on stage
  • > Orchestrate your stage presence

Module 7-
Inspiring world through artistic public speaking

  • > Inspire your audience from begging to end
  • > Practice your USP to the critical audience
  • > Deliver presentation, stories, pep talks, and dialogues
  • > Create a roadmap to master Public speaking art


  • >>  Learn the Art of Communication
  • >>  Master strategies of SPONTANEITY
  • >>  Build communicative CONFIDENCE


  • >>  Top 3 presentation styles
  • >>  From POWERPOINT Presentation to SALES Presentation
  • >> Develop your own presentation delivery style

Public speaking art

  • >>  Effectively deliver speeches, stories, pep talks, and dialogues
  • >> Inspire and engage your audience

"The way That All go, Not the way we ought to go."

Rocky Saggoo

Create your own
Success Story

With this 3 Day Workshop

This whole 3 days enriching workshop is going to create a life-changing experience for participants. This program is invaluable for those struggling with public speaking fear and intense for those who want to have a career in Public speaking.

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Experience the incredible transformation in your public speaking style and confidence.

₹ 30,000

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₹ 22,500*

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