Writing Informal Email: Skill for life

Email Writing is an art that can be cultivated with consistent effort and elaborate use of English phrases. In previous blog we dealt with effective ways of writing business emails, in this particular blog let’s focus on writing casual emails to friends and families.

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  • Hi Prachi,
  • Hi there,
  • Hi Bro/Sis,
  • Hello Ankit,,
  • Dear Friend,
  • Dear Mum,
  • Dear Yukta,



  • Just a quick note to invite you to my daughter’s birthday party.
  • Just a quick note to tell you that there is a good news.
  • This is to invite you to join us for family dinner next week.
  • I wanted to let you know that details of the trip has been finalized
  • I just wanted to tell you about the reunion is not going happen
  • I wanted to ask you if it possible for you come little early.
  • Thanks for your e-mail, it was wonderful
  • It’s been great to hear from you after such a long time.



  • I’m sorry, but I can’t make it tomorrow.
  • I’m available this weekend.
  • I’m happy to tell you that Jasmine and I are getting married next month.
  • Would you like me to come early and help you out?
  • How about I come and help you out?
  • Do you need a hand with moving the furniture?
  • It’d great if you could just tell about your evening plan.



  • I was wondering if you could come and see me sometime next week.
  • Would you mind giving me a suggestion?
  • Do you think you could call Jerry for me?
  • Can you call me ASAP? (as soon as possible)
  • Can you send me the details?



  • I’m sorry for the trouble I caused.
  • Sorry, I couldn’t make it.
  • I’m so sorry for being such a jerk.
  • I apologize for the delay.
  • I promise it won’t happen again
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t make it to the meeting.



  • I’m sorry to say that you’re late for the reunion.
  • I hope you won’t mind me saying that the book you’d recommended wasn’t worth reading.
  • Frankly speaking, your party was little boring.
  • You could have recommended better travel destination.
  • I’m really mad about the things you said other day.



  • Please check the attachment.
  • I’m sending you the party photos.
  • I’m attaching the files you needed.
  • Sorry, but I can’t open it. Can you send it again?



  • Hope to hear from you soon.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing you.
  • Reply soon.



  • Love,
  • Much love,
  • Lots of love,
  • Thanks,
  • Take care,
  • Best regards,
  • Best Wishes



Hi Dear,

            I hope everything is well at your end. I just wanted to tell you that recently Payal and I moved to Pune. After spending wonderful three years in Delhi, it’s kind of a fresh start for both of us. We’re sorry, we could make it to your big day but our best wishes will always be with you. It’d just great if you could visit us in this part of the world. The weather here is really great, enjoying it immensely. And many thanks for the gift.

Hope to hear from you soon. I’m sending you the photographs I captured during recent shoot.

Take care,


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